TIP: Be sure to sign up for a sale in advance and have made your access request to avoid any connection problems on the day of the auction. 

For inscription online click here


Help timed auction

Log in here at the top right. when you are successfully logged in, you see the ''MY ACCOUNT'' button at the top of the page.

Log in and follow the following procedure:
1- Connect
2 -Click on the ''request access'' button
3 -Check to accept the terms and conditions
4 - Submit the application


You can file online as follows:
1 - Log in
2 -Click on the button ´´ deposit required ´´ then on make the deposit
3 - Enter your username and password again
4 -Click go to page
5 -Click on make the deposit for the desired sale
6- Enter your credit card information


To empty the cache memory: (In case of connection problem white rectangle)
1-click on the 3 small dots at the top right of the Google search bar
2-Click on History
3-Clear browsing data
4- if it still doesn't work, change browser to Firefox, explore


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