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No name change on the invoice will be granted. Make sure your account is opened in the desired name before the sale.ACCOUNTS ARE ACTIVATED BETWEEN 8 AM and 5 PM MONDAY to FRIDAY. For any question or technical problem: 819-384-3807 or by email at [email protected] IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT, Simply log in: 1-click on the ´´Auction to come'´ tab, 2- look for the ''Login'' button at the top of the page
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Terms And Conditions


SECTION 1 Termes et conditions du CSPQ
SECTION 2 Termes et conditions d'Encan Ouellette (Ces termes et conditions ne trouvent pas application du CAG)



1. Anyone wishing to register must read and accept the terms and conditions of the auction.
2.Registration is done online only. Go to the “Auction sales” section of the disposal of property website ( for more details.
3. Online registration and $1000 deposit required before the visit and vehicle inspection (refundable, payable by credit card). This deposit may be retained as a penalty for non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract or on cancellation of the contract. Deposit confirmation required at entry, including deposit date and bidder number.
4. The inspection will take place during the week of the sale; Thursday and Friday for Quebec and Montreal. A maximum number of people will be authorized on the premises, waiting to be expected;
5. Only one companion per person will be authorized.
6. No loitering will be tolerated.
7. The CAG provides in good faith the information at its disposal for each lot. The photographs and information provided are presented for information purposes only and do not guarantee the condition of the goods.
8.The CAG cannot be held responsible for any omission or incomplete inspection of the lot by the bidder.
9. All lots or goods sold by the auctioneer make the sale perfect, final and irrevocable.
10.The lots are sold as is, without warranty and at the risk and peril of the buyer.
11. Each lot becomes the responsibility of the new owner as soon as the auctioneer announces that a lot has been awarded.
12. All sales are subject to 5% Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST), as well as 9.975% Quebec Sales Tax (QST).
13. Bidders who win a sale must pay an administrative fee of 10% before taxes on each lot.
14. Lots must be paid in full and collected within three (3) days of auction end. Additional storage fees of $50 (taxable) per item per day late may be charged to latecomers as a penalty.
15. When handing over the vehicles, the bidder must go inside to collect their documents and pay, if applicable.
16. It is forbidden to resell the goods before the recovery of the lot by the bidder and/or, on the auction site.
17. Mechanical work is not permitted on the auction site.
18.To find out about the conditions surrounding the return to circulation of a vehicle purchased at auction according to the different statuses, the purchaser can consult the website of the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec at the address www.saaq.
19.The terms set out above do not constitute all of the terms and conditions of the auction. You will find the complete terms and conditions on the following pages.
20. For any purchase made online, the CAG disclaims all liability for possible Internet connection interruptions, sound cuts, auction retransmission delays and bidder handling errors, whether the tool used does not matter.
In the event of a dispute related to the auction, the final decision rests with the auctioneer.
Once the sale is complete, an invoice from the CAG will be emailed to you. This invoice is final and will confirm the lots that have been awarded to you.


The CAG provides in good faith the information at its disposal for each batch. The lots are put up for sale according to the "as is, on site" formula, i.e. each property is sold as seen, at the risk of the buyer. The photographs and information provided are presented for information purposes only and do not guarantee the condition of the goods.

The goods that are the subject of this auction are sold as is, without legal warranty, at the risk and peril of the buyer. Furthermore, the Consumer Protection Act does not apply when a person purchases surplus goods from the Government of Quebec.

The successful bidder of a lot becomes responsible for it as soon as it is awarded. Consequently, the CAG disclaims all liability for damages and losses that may occur to this property following the auction.

The CAG assumes no responsibility for damage or loss resulting from the handling or circulation of the vehicle, and the purchaser expressly undertakes to hold it free from any claim.

The purchaser will have to assume the transport costs of the goods acquired and ensure that they meet the requirements of the Highway Safety Code for their transport.

The CAG does not guarantee the result of the reading of the indicated odometer. The figures indicated on the odometer at the time of preparation of the vehicles are merely indicative.


Anyone wishing to participate in the auction must register online. Instructions can be found at

At the time of registration, the person will have to pay an amount of $1,000 (refundable, payable by credit card). This amount may be retained as a penalty for non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract or on cancellation of the contract.

At the end of their registration, each person acknowledges having read and accepted the terms and conditions.


A catalog presenting the lots put up for auction is posted at a few days before the auction is held. The CAG may make changes to the catalog being published. It is up to any interested person to visit the website to take note of the modifications.

Lot inspection is possible the days before the end of the auction, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Details at

The CAG cannot be held responsible for any omission or incomplete inspection of the lot by the bidder. Any natural or legal person who submits an offer acknowledges having inspected the lot and declares that they are completely satisfied with it. Any person who inspects a lot is liable for any damage, direct or indirect, material, bodily or intangible, accidental or intentional, caused by him, his representative, his agent or any person who inspects it. 'accompanied.


The auction will take place in the form of a timed auction. For more details, consult the website

The lots are awarded to the last and highest bidder.

Failure to pay the amount required following the auction, the participation of the bidder following the auction will be suspended by the auctioneer.


The successful bidder of a lot must make full payment no later than 4:00 p.m. on the Tuesday following the auction by arriving at the auction site during opening hours.
All sales are subject to the federal goods and services tax (GST) of 5%, as well as the Quebec sales tax (QST) of 9.975%. Acquisition fees of 10% will also be invoiced, before taxes, on the amount of the auctioned lot. Acquisition costs are taxable.

Telephone payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) is preferred. Payment can also be made by debit card (Interac) as well as by certified cheque, postal money order and bank money order payable to CAG-Disposition desbiens. Bank transfers are not accepted.


The successful bidder must take possession of the lot(s) awarded to him no later than 4 p.m. on the Tuesday following the auction. To do this, he must present himself at the auction site, during opening hours.

He must take the necessary means and precautions to ensure safe possession, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. The successful bidder is also responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, material, bodily or intangible, accidental or intentional that may occur when taking possession, whether due to the successful bidder himself. himself, his representative, his agent or any person accompanying him. In addition, the latter must leave the premises in a state deemed acceptable and will in no case be authorized to carry out work of a mechanical nature on the auction site. The successful bidder may not proceed with the resale of the lot before having taken possession of it and/or on the auction site.

Additional storage fees of $50 per item per day late may be charged to latecomers as a penalty.

After payment, if the owner of one or more lots has not taken possession of the goods before the period indicated above, the CAG reserves the right to cancel the sale without any refund.


The buyer in default of payment or who has not taken possession of the lot within the prescribed time is required to pay, in addition to the penalties related to storage, the difference between the price of his auction and the lower price which will be paid by the new purchaser, in accordance with article 1765 of the Civil Code of Quebec.

In addition, the CAG may, after notifying the defaulting buyer, put the lot up for sale. The notice will be sent, by registered or certified mail, to the address appearing on the registration form, at least eight days before the date set for the re-sale of the lot.

The CAG may suspend the possibility of participating in its auctions (auctions and calls for tenders) to any successful bidder who does not respect the obligation to pay the sums corresponding to the amount at which the lot was awarded to him or who does not does not take possession of the awarded lot within the agreed time. In this case, to participate again in the auctions of the CAG, the suspended buyer must first and fully pay all sums due to the CAG due to his default.

This suspension does not release the successful bidder from these terms and conditions. The successful bidder cannot hold the CAG liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage attributable to this suspension.


The vehicles sold at auction correspond to one of the following statuses:
? Stored vehicle;
? Discarded vehicle;
? Vehicle declared "total loss".

To find out the terms and conditions surrounding the return to circulation of a vehicle purchased at auction according to the different statuses, the purchaser can consult the website of the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec at .


The responsibility for registering a vehicle purchased at auction rests exclusively with the purchaser and he must register it within 15 days of purchase. In order for the purchased vehicle to be transferred and registered in their name, the purchaser must:
? Ensure that the vehicle(s) comply with the road safety standards required by the SAAQ;
? Present the original of the sales contract.

For more information relating to the registration of a vehicle, the purchaser can consult the website of the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec at

SECTION 2 Termes et conditions d'Encan Ouellette (Ces termes et conditions ne trouvent pas application du CAG)

18% de frais de service. Un rabais de 3% vous est donné si vous êtes sur place et/ou si votre facture est payée en argent comptant, débit, traite bancaire, chèque visé, virement bancaire. Paiement accepté : argent comptant, carte de débit et crédit 3% de plus seront ajouté (pour dépôt seulement 1000$ Max) et transfert bancaire.? 25% du montant devra être versé le jour même de l’encan. La balance du paiement devra être versée en entier 24 hres suivants une vente. Si la somme est de 5000$ ou moins, l’acheteur devra payer la totalité de sa facture le jour même de l’encan. Tous les paiements doivent être effectués au nom de : Encan Ouellette1. Les taxes de vente fédérale et provinciale doivent être payées à : Encan Ouellette au moment de la vente. Les acheteurs exempts de taxes doivent fournir une preuve satisfaisante de leur exemption. Faute de pouvoir présenter une preuve satisfaisante, les acheteurs devront payer les dites taxes.2. Tous les articles seront adjugés au plus offrant et : Encan Ouellette se réserve le droit de vendre les articles par lots individuels ou regroupés. En cas de dispute entre 2 enchérisseurs ou plus sur toute enchère, le lot en question peut, à la discrétion de l'encanteur, être remis aux enchères et réadjugé. L'encanteur fixe toutes les règles relatives à la conduite des enchères et ses décisions sont finales et sont en force de loi pour tous les enchérisseurs.3. Toutes les ventes sont finales, sans aucune conditions ou garantie explicite ou implicite, ou légale ou autre, les garanties ou conditions concernant titres, descriptions, aptitude à l'usage, quantité, qualité, valeur commerciales, état, condition, emplacement ou autres. Aucune vente ne sera invalidée (et Encan Ouellette ne sera pas jugé responsable) en cas de mauvaise description d'un article ou d'un lot, que ce soit dans un catalogue, une annonce publicitaire, ou autres, les descriptions n'ont pour but que d'être de simples guides et l'acheteur ne doit y chercher des détails précis ou complets, les acheteurs seront supposés se fier entièrement à leurs propres inspections et investigations.L'acquéreur est réputé avoir examiné la marchandise et s'en déclare satisfait et l'accepte tel quel à ses risque et péril et assume les coûts de réparations incluant les pièces non visibles et du même fait exonore : Encan Ouellette et ses propriétaires de toutes poursuites possibles.Ces équipements contiennent ou peuvent contenir des pièces défectueuses qui sont visible et d'autres qui ne sont pas visibles. Il serait préférable de réparer ces défauts.Cependant l'acheteur préfère acheter l'équipement à un prix moindre et le reconditionner au fur et à mesure des besoins.Les huiles filtres et antigel devront être vérifiées par l’acheteur avant d’utiliser l’équipement décrit dans la facture. TOUTE VENTE EST FINALE.Dans le cas où de l'aide pour transporter les articles seraient fournis par nos employés, nous nous dégageons de toutes responsabilités advenant un bris.4. Avant de prendre possession de votre bien, l’acheteur devra fournir une preuve de changement de propriétaire s’il y a lieu auprès de Encan Ouellette, et devra avoir fait le paiement en entier. Tous les articles achetés doivent être enlevés dans les cinq jours suivant la date des enchères. L'acheteur sera responsable des frais de transport ainsi que, sans limitation, de tout dommage infligé à l'environnement au cours ou comme résultat de l'enlèvement. Les acheteurs devront se plier à toutes les lois et règlements sur l'environnement et à toutes les exigences formulées par l'encanteur au sujet de l'enlèvement des articles y compris celles concernant le cautionnement des déménageurs.SIGNATURE DE L’ACHETEUR: ________________________________________________________________5. Les documents de transfert en la possession de l'encanteur, y compris les certificats d'immatriculation de véhicules-moteurs, seront remis à l'acheteur, le jour de l’encan ou dès que ces documents seront disponibles et dès que le paiement sera complet.6. Tous les équipements de cette vente son vendu en consignation pour le compte du propriétaire par Encan Ouellette.7. L’acheteur s’assure de vérifier que : L’équipement ne fait pas l’objet d’aucune réclamation, perception, application ou imposition de quelque taxe que ce soit, ni d’aucune hypothèque, créance prioritaire, charge, sureté ou demande d’une autorité compétente de toute nature, malgré l’usage passé, actuelle ou future auquel l’équipement peut être affecté, si tel est le cas l’acheteur dégage Encan Ouellette de toute poursuite.8. Si l'encanteur est dans l'impossibilité de livrer un article par suite d'incendie, de vol ou pour toute autre raison, il remboursera à l'acheteur toutes les sommes payées par ce dernier à propos de cet article et l'encanteur ne sera pas responsable vis-à-vis de l'acheteur des dommages occasionnées par ou relatifs à cette perte, y compris et sans aucune réserve tout dommage dû au manque à gagner.9. L'encanteur se réserve le droit de refuser à toute personne le privilège de faire une offre ou d'être présent.10. Au cas où l'acheteur n'effectue pas le paiement ou l'enlèvement de la marchandise dans les délais mentionnés ci-dessus l'acheteur perdra son dépôt, et l'encanteur peut revendre l'article aux enchères, par contrat privé ou autrement, à la discrétion de l'encanteur.11. Aucun acheteur ne peut assigner ses droits sur tel article, les transférer ou en disposer avant de l’avoir payé en entier.12. Encan Ouellette s’engage uniquement en tant que vendeur en consignation et n’est aucunement responsable des objets brisés, volée, contrefaits, et d’accident pouvant survenir sur le site de l’encan.13. L’enchérisseur convient de réparer à ses frais un lot acheté lors de la vente aux enchères afin qu’il soit dans un état de fonctionner sécuritaire et, notamment, un état qui respecte les normes et exigences des autorités, loi, ou règlements applicables.14. L’enchérisseur reconnait que l’endroit ou se déroule la vente peut être dangereux. Des substances inflammables, nocives, corrosives et pressurisées sont présentent, de la machinerie lourde est utilisée. Toute personne se trouvant sur le site de la vente aux enchères est là à ses propres risques. Nul ne peut présenter des réclamations contre : Encan Ouellette, leurs employés, et le propriétaire des lieux.15. L’acheteur devient responsable des achats à l’acceptation de son enchère et il en assume les risques. L’acheteur a la responsabilité d’assurer ses achats sans délai. : Encan Ouellette n’est pas responsable de la perte d’un achat ni des dommages causés à celui-ci après l’adjudication. L’acheteur dispose habituellement de 3 jours pour venir chercher les équipements acheté,mais cela peut être variable, dépassé ce règlement une pénalité de 50$ par lot, par jours seront facturé, et si nécessaire des frais de séjour vous seront facturé.16. Toute personne qui remporte sa mise sera considéré comme le propriétaire à partir de ce moment. Si cette même personne est le ou la propriétaire de cet équipement il ou elle devra en payer les frais d’encan établis de cette vente.17. Des frais de gestion, de décontamination, de chargement d’équipement, carburant, huile etc peuvent s’ajouter à vos frais.18. Lors du démantèlement de vos équipement l’acquéreur devra fournir une preuve d’assurance responsabilité de minimum 2 millions couvrant les biens et immeubles d’autrui. Les travaux demandant un corps de métier spécialisé devront être effectué par ceux-ci ex : (électricité = électricien) Signature de l’acheteur : _________________________________________ Date : ___________________
Tous les acheteurs qui participent à une vente aux enchères en ligne déclarent avoir lu les termes et conditions d'achat décrit sur ce site et s'y conforme.TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS SALE
? 18% de frais de service. débit, traite bancaire, chèque visé, virement bancaire.. Payment accepted: cash, debit card and credit 3% more will be added (for deposit only $ 1000 Max) and bank transfer.
? 25% of the amount must be paid on the day of the auction. The balance of payment must be paid in full 24 hours following a sale. If the amount is $ 5,000 or less, the buyer will have to pay the entire invoice on the day of the auction. All payments must be made in the name of: Encan Ouellette
1. Federal and provincial sales taxes must be paid to: Encan Ouellette at the time of sale. Tax-exempt purchasers must provide satisfactory evidence of their exemption. Failing to present satisfactory proof, the purchasers will have to pay the said taxes.

2. All items will be awarded to the highest bidder and: Encan Ouellette reserves the right to sell items in individual or grouped lots. In the event of a dispute between two or more bidders on any auction, the lot in question may, at the discretion of the auctioneer, be auctioned and re-adjudicated. The auctioneer shall determine all rules relating to the conduct of the auctions and its decisions shall be final and shall be binding on all bidders.
3. All sales are final, without any conditions or warranty express or implied, or legal or otherwise, warranties or conditions regarding title, descriptions, suitability for use, quantity, quality, value, condition, condition, location or other. No sale will be invalidated (and Encan Ouellette will not be held responsible) in the event of a misrepresentation of an article or a lot, whether in a catalog, advertisement, or other The purchasers will be expected to rely entirely on their own inspections and investigations.
The purchaser is deemed to have examined the merchandise and is satisfied with it and accepts it as is at its own risk and assumes the repair costs including the non-visible parts and the same fact exonore: Encan Ouellette and its owners of all Prosecutions.
These devices contain or may contain defective parts that are visible and others that are not visible. It would be better to repair these defects.
However, the buyer prefers to purchase the equipment at a lower price and repackage it as and when required.
Filter and antifreeze oils should be checked by the purchaser before using the equipment described in the invoice. ALL SALE IS FINAL.
In the event that assistance to carry the items is provided by our employees, we will not be liable for any breach.

4. Before taking possession of your property, the buyer must provide proof of ownership change, if applicable, from Encan Ouellette, and must have made the payment in full. All items purchased must be removed within five days of the auction date. The buyer will be responsible for the costs of transportation and, without limitation, any damage to the environment during or as a result of the removal. Buyers will be required to comply with all environmental laws and regulations and all requirements of the auctioneer regarding the removal of items including bail bond from movers.
SIGNATURE OF BUYER: ________________________________________________________________
5. Transfer documents in the possession of the auctioneer, including motor vehicle registration certificates, will be delivered to the purchaser on the day of the auction or as soon as the documents become available and Payment will be complete.
6. All equipment of this sale is sold on consignment on behalf of the owner by Encan Ouellette.
7. The buyer verifies that: The equipment is not the object of any claim, collection, application or imposition of any tax, no mortgage, priority claim, charge, security Or request from a competent authority of any kind, in spite of past, present or future use to which the equipment may be assigned, if this is the case the buyer releases Encan Ouellette from any lawsuit.
8. If the auctioneer is unable to deliver an item as a result of fire, theft or for any other reason, the auctioneer shall refund to the purchaser all sums paid by the latter in respect of that article, Auctioneer shall not be liable to the buyer for any loss or damage caused by or in connection with such loss, including without limitation any damage due to loss of profits.
9. The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any person the privilege of making an offer or being present.
10. In the event that the buyer does not make the payment or the removal of the goods within the aforementioned timeframe the buyer will lose his deposit and the auctioneer can resell the item at auction by private contract Or otherwise, at the discretion of the auctioneer.
11. No purchaser may assign, transfer or dispose of any of his or her rights until paid in full.
12. Encan Ouellette engages solely as a consignment seller and is not responsible for any broken, stolen, counterfeit or accidental items that may occur at the auction site.
13. The bidder agrees to repair at its own expense a lot purchased at the auction so that it is in a safe operating condition and in particular a condition that meets the standards and requirements of the authorities, applicable.
14. The bidder acknowledges that the place where the sale takes place may be dangerous. Flammable, noxious, corrosive and pressurized substances are present, heavy machinery is used. Anyone on the auction site is there at his own risk. No one can make claims against: Encan Ouellette, their employees, and the owner of the premises.
15. The buyer becomes responsible for purchases upon acceptance of his bid and assumes the risks. The buyer has the responsibility to ensure its purchases without delay. : Auction Ouellette is not responsible for the loss of a purchase or the damage caused to it after the auction. The buyer usually has 3 days to pick up the equipment purchased, but this can be variable, exceeding this payment a penalty of $50 per lot, per day will be charged, and if necessary accommodation fees will be charged.
16. Any person who wins the prize will be considered the owner from that moment. If the same person is the owner of the equipment, he or she will have to pay the established auction costs of the sale.
17. Fees for management, decontamination, loading of equipment, fuel, oil etc. may be added to your expenses.
18. During the dismantling of your equipment, the purchaser must provide proof of liability insurance of at least 2 million covering the property and immovables of others. Work requiring a specialized trade will have to be done by them ex: (electricity = electrician) Signature of the buyer: _________________________________________ Date: ___________________

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